Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Active Health Group Training Course Contract

Active Health Group will henceforth be known as AHG.

Deposits and course fees are non-refundable.

All instalment fees must be paid on time. In the event that the candidate misses two payments, without prior authorisation, then AHG reserves the right to withdraw the candidate from the course. There will be no refund of fees paid. Any remaining fees will become immediately due.
All fees must be paid in full at least 4 weeks prior to attending practical training dates, unless an instalment plan has been agreed at the time of enrolment with AHG. If fees are unpaid without prior notice, then AHG reserves the right to withdraw the candidate from the course. There will be no refund of fees paid. The remaining course fees will become immediately due.

Course Times

Courses are intensive and require hard work and dedication, including a considerable amount of out-of- class homework and practice. Most live classes start at 9.45am and finish at 5pm unless otherwise arranged by the training manager. Session times are agreed on the induction day.


Candidates are under continuous assessment from the start of the course, until completion. Assessment includes mental attitude, dress and personal hygiene, besides work, under-pinning knowledge and performance. No jewellery or wrist watches to be worn during the practical training, long hair to be tied back. Loose clothing and comfortable footwear to be worn. Please do not wear jeans. Candidates will be practicing on each other; shorts and t-shirts should be brought to the practical training sessions. Written assessments will be carried out at regular intervals during the practical training. Smart sportswear, ie track-suit pants and polo shirt should be worn for all assessments. The examiners reserve the right to refuse to examine any candidate unsuitably dressed. This will be classed as a refer.


To monitor the learning process, feedback is expected from the candidate after receiving course instructions whether practical or theory. This must be handed in regularly, so that any learning difficulty can be dealt with straight away.

Homework and Out-Of-Class Practice

Candidates are expected to achieve the requirement amount of hours of case studies before the AHG qualification can be awarded. Fellow students can be used to achieve part of these hours. All homework and assignments should be completed on time.

Attitude & Equal Opportunities

Candidate’s positive attitude is expected at all times. This helps establish good working relationships and relaxed atmosphere in class. This is taken into consideration in assessing candidate’s competence. A candidate who adopts a negative attitude cannot be assessed as competent. If such negative attitude is disruptive to the rest of the class, the candidate will be asked to leave, under the AHG terms and conditions. Aggressive, abusive or disruptive or discriminatory behaviour will result in removal from the course, this includes discrimination on the grounds of sex, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other issue, which is found to be offensive to others. Damages may be sought from any candidate removed from the course under these circumstances

Hygiene and Behaviour & Health and Safety

All candidates must be aware of their own personal hygiene when attending the practical sessions. All candidates must ensure that they adhere to AHG policy on clinic hygiene when attending practical sessions, this policy extends to all training rooms and communal areas. All candidates must adhere to AHG Health & Safety policy. All candidates are expected to behave in a professional manner towards fellow students, tutors, staff, clients and visitors to AHG. Any candidates not adhering to these terms will be removed from the course. There will be no refund of course fees.

Complaints Procedure

A complaints procedure to safeguard candidate’s interest is in place. This will be discussed on the first day of the practical training. If you wish to see a copy beforehand, please contact us.


Candidates can provide their own models for use on the practical training; otherwise candidates will practice on each other. Candidates will be required to provide a model for their final practical assessment. Where a candidate is unable to provide a model, AHG may be able to provide a model, with at least four weeks notice, and a £100 fee will be payable.


At the end of the course, a completed portfolio must be handed in for assessment before any certification can be issued. You will be contacted when your portfolio is ready for collection, or we can courier it out at a cost of £30 (UK only). Any uncollected/unclaimed portfolios will be securely destroyed within 8 weeks of the assessment day. We strongly recommend you take copies of all your work in the unfortunate event that your portfolio is lost or destroyed. AHG take no responsibility for lost portfolios. A candidate can provide copies of the portfolio by email or by uploading onto their Google classroom account.

Graduation – Certification-Resit

Candidates who successfully complete the training programme, will be issued with the relevant certification. If the required amount of hours of case studies are achieved by the end of the practical training, and portfolio completed, the work will be Internally Verified and Assessed. Certification is issued three times per year, details will be given to you on induction. Certification will not be issued if the course fees have not been paid for in full or the portfolio not completed by this time. If you have any externally awarded qualifications linked to your course this will only be issued upon successful examination and assessment by the Awarding Organisation examiners. The timescale for the issuing of external awards is wholly dependent on the Awarding Organisation. AHG has no control over the issuing of external certification. Candidates, who do not complete the training programme to the standard required, will be offered the chance to re-attend the modules, which need improvement, to reach the required standard. A charge of £100 per extra days training will be made. Candidates who opt not to return will not be awarded any certification. There will be no refund of course fees. If you do not pass the initial assessment, a fee of £150 will be charged for the first re-sit, and £250 for the second re-sit. If you do not successfully pass the second re-sit, there will be no further option to re-sit. There will be no refund of course fees.

Terms and Conditions – these are agreed and accepted upon your enrolment.

All candidates must abide by the Active Health Group terms and conditions laid out below:

The terms and conditions laid out below form the basis of the contract between Active Health Group and yourself. Please read them carefully as a contract is a legally binding agreement.

1. The completed enrolment forms contract you to pay for the course(s) detailed on the enrolment. This applies to both on-line and posted applications and also to telephone enrolments. Your legal rights under the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2013) are unaffected. This clause applies to all courses, classes and training events.

2. Deposits and course fees are non-refundable. You are entitled to request a refund of all monies paid within the first 14 days of enrolment under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. This application must be made in writing, using registered delivery to our Head Office, 79 Lever Street,Manchester,[email protected] Anycoursematerialsmustbe returned in unused condition, at the applicant’s expense. Any used course materials will be deducted from the refund. Failure to cancel within 14 days of enrolment will commit you pay the course fees. Should any candidate access the online learning materials on the Google Classroom page, within the first 14 days, they will waive their rights to the cancellation agreement.

3. If instalment payments are required, this must be requested at the time of booking. All instalments must be made by direct debit, and are collected on the 1st of each month. If you do not complete the direct debit form, you are responsible for ensuring instalment payments are made on the 1st of each month either by cheque, credit/debit card or bank transfer/BACS. Should any payment not be received on time, we reserve the right to charge a £20 administration fee.

4. For courses with live practical training classes included the following will apply: Courses must be paid for at least 4 weeks prior to starting the practical training, unless instalment payments have been requested at the time of enrolment. All payments must be completed at least 4 weeks prior to completing the practical training. One and two day workshops must be paid for in full at the time of enrolment. It is the candidates responsibility to ensure that all payments are made.

5. For online or distance courses, these can be paid for with an initial deposit, and a maximum of 4 consecutive monthly instalments via direct debit. If you cancel the direct debit before the course is paid in full, the remaining balance will become immediately due.

6. In the event that you cannot attend the live practical training dates booked, Active Health Group will endeavour to book you on an alternative course. Such alterations must be made in writing to our Head Office, giving at least 28 days notice prior to the agreed course start date. Active Health Group reserves the right to charge a course fee surcharge. This is due to loss of earning from the cancelled space, and also from the alternative course dates. In the event that the space cancelled was booked at a special offer rate, we cannot guarantee that the special offer will be available on the new dates, In this instance, the full fee will become payable. The charging of the surcharge is at the discretion of Active Health Group.

6. If you fail attend the booked practical training dates, without notification, you will still be charged for the full cost of the course, workshop or training event.

  1. Active Health Group reserves the right to refuse any application.
  2. Active Health Group reserves the right to alter and amend any aspect of our courses, at any

time, without notice, this includes, and not limited to, course fees, modules, tutors, course texts and awarding body.

9. Active Health Group reserves the right to cancel a course after acceptance of application for enrolment. In this event we will reimburse, in full, any course fees paid. Please note that Active Health Group’s liability will be limited to the value of the course fees paid. We would recommend that travel insurance is taken out to cover the travel and accommodation during the duration of the practical training dates.

10. Active Health Group reserve the right to cancel any student’s practical training without notice, in the event of abusive, aggressive or discriminatory behaviour towards any member of Active Health Group staff, students or visitors. No refund of course fees will be given. The list is not an exhaustive one, but includes: foul and abusive language, racist, sexist or homophobic remarks, failure to participate in practical sessions, behaviour that results in the class being disrupted, or teaching being interrupted, derogatory or defamatory comments, either verbal or written, insulting behaviour, either verbal or written. This extends to any of the above activities which create additional administrative workload to deal with. AHG reserves the right to seek compensation for any fees, legal or otherwise, incurred whilst dealing with behaviour or activities mentioned in this section.

11. This course contract is agreed to at the time of enrolment.

12. Split dates, on the weekday courses are available if confirmed at the time of initial application, a 50% surcharge may be added. The surcharge is due to loss of revenue from additional courses where a space has been utilised.

13. Active Health Group reserves the right to change the training venue, without notice, in the event of the original venue being unavailable, unsuitable, or for any other reason.

14. Candidates must attend 100% of the practical training dates as required. Candidates missing anytrainingdayswillberequiredtoattendalternativedatesatacostof£100perday. Anycandidate not able to attend booked training dates will have alternative dates offered, at a cost of £100 per day. The charging of this fee is at the discretion of the AHG Training Director.

15. Any candidate not reaching the required standard will be allowed to re-sit any written examinations and practical assessments at a later date. The first re-sit will be £150. Subsequent re-sit will be charged at £250, up to a maximum of two re-sits.

16. Upon successful completion of the booked training course, an appropriate internally issued qualification will be issued, with the following conditions; all home study coursework is completed, required hours case studies to industry standard have been completed and full payment for the course has been made. Certification is issued on three dates per year. All externally awarded qualifications will be subject to Awarding Body criteria for issue, which includes internal and external verification, completion of theory exampapers, portfolio and case studies. Certification is subject to internal verification, only when all home study and case studies have been received. All timescales are based on receipt of full portfolio of evidence as above, and will commence when all the criteria has been met

17. All Level 2, 3 and 4 training courses must be completed within 12 months of enrolment. Combined Level 2 & 3; 3 & 4; or 4 & 5 courses must be completed within 18 months of enrolment. All Level 5 training courses must be completed within 24 months of enrolment. Extensions to this timescale will be charged at the following: Level 2 & 3 courses, £50 per month; Level 4 & 5 courses, £100 per month. Levels 6 courses must be completed within 48 months of enrolment. Extensions to Level 6 will be charged at £100 per month.

18. Candidates must log onto either their Google Classroom page if allocated, on a regular basis to check for any updates and important information. This is the responsibility of the candidate and AHG accept no responsibility for any candidate not checking updates.

19. Replacement AHG certificates will be charged at £30 each. Replacement externally awarded certificates are charged separately by the Awarding Organisation.

20. From time to time during the practical training, the use of photographic and video equipment will be in use. AHG reserves the right to use any photographs or videos obtained during the practical training for use in promotional or marketing materials, for publicity or educational purposes. Any students wishing to take photographs or videos, can do so with the permission of the course tutor, however such photographs or videos cannot be used on any social media platform or youtube.

21. All AHG courses are subject to strict international copyright. Any use of AHG course materials and information, without prior permission from AHG is forbidden. AHG will aggressively enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including the seeking of criminal prosecution.

Any questions regarding these terms and conditions should be directed to Richard Johnson, Training Director at [email protected]

These terms and conditions are agreed to upon enrolment as per your application form.

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