Advanced Diploma in Myofascial Release


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    Active Health Group were the first training company to develop fully accredited Myofascial Release courses. Since 2000 we have been leading the way in Myofascial Release training.

    We have re-developed our series of advanced Myofascial Release training courses which when used independently are an excellent addition to any manual therapist`s work, or when combined will help the therapist reach their MAXIMUM potential when treating a wide range of injuries and postural problems.

    Learn the foundations of this ground breaking technique. Upon completion of the Myofascial Release Diploma you will be able to begin adapting posture and have an influence on correcting balance of the body’s joints.

    This technique will change the way you think about treatments and create more understanding of how and why your current techniques work and also when your current techniques don’t work. Find out how to make them.

    • – Learn about areas of caution and contraindications; discover how to use proper biomechanics, palpation and the proper use of fingers, knuckles, fist and elbow safely and effectively.
    • – Learn comprehensive strategies for working on the body to restore balance using both superficial and deep techniques.
    • – Learn about troubleshooting and treatments of specific chronic complaints and blocks of pain.
    • – Read your clients postural and movement patterns with greater accuracy and integration.
    • – Give you access to effective treatment strategies that may occur some distance from the site of pain or limitation.
    • – Learn simple tools to assess and offer ways to treat dehydrated soft tissue that may be at the route of the dysfunction.
    • – Confidently work on all the joints of the body with the aim of neutralising their positioning in the body.
    • – Relieve tension, trauma and poor posture for long-lasting massage pain management.
    • – Perform a 5 minute neck, low back, shoulder and hand evaluation.
    • – Lengthen only tight muscles.
    • – Tonify weak, inhibited muscles using fast-paced spindle stimulating techniques.
    • – Receive, on average, 10 hours of treatments from fellow students to restore your own postural balance.

    The final segment of the Diploma is split into 3sections of focus and incorporates hands-on muscle balancing manual therapy with joint mobilisation manoeuvres.  Learn dynamic tools to identify and correct conditions such as sciatica, lumbago, scoliosis, rotator cuff injuries, forward head postures, dowagers hump, etc.


    The Pelvis and the Psoas

    • – Learn about this influential Muscle and its relationship with the pelvis and overall posture.
    • – Learn hands-on treatments to re-balance the tone and length of the muscle.
    • – Learn how to treat the muscle through relaxation techniques and stretches.


    The Rib Cage

    • – Assess the positioning of the ribcage, its influence on the spine and how it determines where the centre of gravity transmits weight throughout the body.
    • – Learn breathing techniques and stretches to influence the shape and ‘fullness’ of the ribcage.


    The Spine

    • – Identify and remove fibrosis in deep spinal muscles that lock facet joints open or closed.
    • – Realign the vertebrae. Troubleshoot the body with the aim to restore balance and alleviate scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis. Restore nerve pathways from the spine that could be influencing conditions throughout the body.
    • – Learn how to aim to rehydrate the spine.
    • – Learn how to restore clients body height once the body is in balance.
    • – Health promotion, supplements, organ cleanses, exercise, stretching, stress management and relaxation.
    • – Body mind link discussed. Learn how the mind could be causing ailments and how to restore these negative programmes.

  • Cost & Date


    Pay in full. Total –  £1,435.00 (10% discount for full payment)

    Pay in instalments: £350 deposit and equal monthly payments. 

    Total: £1,594.00. Fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the practical training.



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    AMFR1: June 11th to 15th and July 9th to 13th.